Costs, Schedule, Procedures, and Customs

China is becoming a significant portion of the global internet market, which presents several prospects for European e-commerce businesses. Do you frequently find yourself wondering, “How do I ship to China?” Because various regulations apply outside of the European Union for international shipping, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be challenging.

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This post will outline the process of sending a package to China, the associated costs, and the estimated delivery time. We will also tell you about Chinese holidays to be aware of and customs regulations that are in effect in China. All things considered, this is a useful manual for internet retailers wishing to ship to China!

China: a market with steady growth

With half of the global market share, China is the largest internet market in the world. Chinese consumers are very passionate about food, cosmetic items, and fashion.

Asia’s e-commerce business is expanding annually at double-digit rates, and customers there are still optimistic about their country’s economy. Five years later, consumer spending had increased by 43 percent.

It would be a pity for us as an internet shop based in Europe to miss out on that market!

During the coronavirus era, shipping to China

You might be wondering how much mail can be sent to China in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Given that the majority of flights have been canceled, the question seems sense.

According to the Universal Postal Union, a number of nations have also halted sending letters and packages to China. Several European carriers are still operating in China; for the latest information, stay tuned to our coronavirus blog!

There’s no need to be concerned about infection as the virus cannot withstand the lengthy transit in mail and shipments.