Cutting Machine for HVAC Insulation

For cutting fiberglass and exterior thermal insulation for HVAC ducting, the VENTECH insulation cutting machine is appropriate. The intricate designs and product may be cut and made into duct insulation units quickly, accurately, and easily using our easy-to-use and intuitive operating system. The components that are obtained are ready to be glued and require no manual procedures. The basic machine comes with a ton of extra parts and tools that are meant to speed up production and provide the highest-quality final product possible.

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1. It uses a sophisticated seamless integrated system, has a quicker processing speed, and eliminates the requirement for separate processing control software configuration.
2. The adsorption range may be automatically assigned by the intelligent adsorption technology based on the cutting location. When cutting tiny items, even with a low-power vacuum pump, there won’t be any insufficient adsorption force, which can effectively guarantee cutting quality and reduce electricity costs.
3. The machinery can run at a high speed, stable, and precise level thanks to highly wear-resistant, highly precise linear guide rails.
4. An independent electrical cabinet that may be used regularly in hot weather, as well as an exterior air conditioner.
5. Capable of cutting and working with a range of thermal insulation and associated materials in the HVAC industry, such as wall, fiberglass, rigid, foam, and aluminum foil insulation.


Fast-moving motion control mechanism

Adopting a state-of-the-art, six-axis, high-speed motion control system with independent intellectual property rights allows for convenient post-maintenance, high reliability, and low cost. Additionally, because control rights are in-house, it is easy to customize special programs and remote upgrades to meet the specific needs of users.

separate motion control card

The high-performance integrated circuit controller era has replaced the earlier computer motherboard plug-in card era controller, which can now be connected to any regular computer, including laptops. This eliminates the issue of previous computer link failures, which also caused cutting equipment paralysis.

Network for convenient communication

Replace the outdated serial port, parallel port, and PCI interface with a network interface for quick and long-distance communication. One computer may operate several devices and switch between them at any time.

robust and effective suction power

The best possible fixation of the material is guaranteed by the energy-efficient zonal vacuum adsorption system. One-piece milled aluminum honeycomb panel, which is accurate, long-lasting, breathable, and resistant to deformation, is used to make the machine table.

secure operation

including a safety mechanism that triggers an immediate halt when a human hand comes into contact with the infrared range.

Design of modular structures

The tool head is not fixed and is welded integrated, so it can be easily replaced and equipped with different functional tool heads based on actual work needs and business expansion. This solves two problems: it solves the issue of the fixed integrated tool head not being able to be upgraded with new demands, and it solves the issue of the pneumatic pressure not being constant with temperature and time.