Debo Fadola: Ifedore political game changer? 2023

Prince Adebowale Emmanuel Fadola is from Fedore, one of Ondo State’s 18 LGAs. Ifedore is one of Florida’s most politically aware municipalities.
Ifedore’s opposition Peoples Democratic Party has run the local administration for the past decade. The APC won the 2019 presidential election in Ifedore, but Governor Rotimi Akeredolu lost in the same local government in October 2020. Few examples support the assumption that Ifedore was a Peoples Democratic Party stronghold.

Once Prince Adebowale Emmanuel Fadola joined the Ifedore All Progressive Congress, this narrative has shifted (APC). The oil marketer was involved in Ondo State philanthropy before he entered politics. Prince Aderosoye, as he is called in Ondo State, had many organic fans in and out of Ifedore Local Government Area before joining the APC.

Prince Dero’s goodwill and charm made his entry into Ifedore politics smooth. The Lagos State University graduate joined the APC in Ifedore and began reshaping the party.

In 2022, his followers convinced Ilara-Mokin-born Aderosoye to run for the Ondo State House of Assembly as a golden fish has no hiding spot. He hesitantly decided to test his popularity in the primary election. The state governor and APC state chairman’s favored candidate nearly defeated him.

Fadola, a devoted party man, supported the House of Assembly primary election candidate against the wishes of most party members. Dero was chosen as APC Campaign Director General in Ifedore Local Government Area for the 2023 general elections due to his great political influence and sportsmanship.

The 46-year-old Public Administration graduate rallied party gladiators and ensured that all Ifedore APC members were on the same page ahead of the 2023 general elections after being appointed Campaign Director General. Ifedore’s election results were unusual. Prince Aderosoye fought tirelessly to win landslide victory for APC presidential, senatorial, and House of Representatives candidates in Ifedore.

Prince Fadola is well known in Idanre/Ifedore, Ondo State. His unselfish dedication to mankind is known and felt across his local government and Ondo State. The Aderosoye Fadola Foundation of Faetoaig Nigeria Ltd CEO has changed many lives. Aderosoye Fadola Foundation has helped many talented yet impoverished pupils.

He has also arranged health outreaches for his neighborhood and the rest of Ifedore Local Government. The Aderosoye Fadola Foundation has helped the poor in Ifedore and beyond. The charity gave Ifedore residents palliatives during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ifedore Local Government political and thinking leaders praised Prince Adebowale Emmanuel Fadola. “Aderosoye is a significant financier and pillar of support for APC in Ifedore,” said APC Chairman Hon. Tunde Fawoyi. I benefit from his philanthropy. I and the other 9 Ifedore APC executive members have been paid by Fadola since he joined our party.

Aderosoye has bought automobiles, motorbikes, laptops, and other essentials for Ifedore party members. His polished politics are totally different from ours. He is so gracious and unselfish that most of us think he is a spirit.

After losing the House of Assembly primary election, he empowered 3,500 people. More stunning was his willingness to serve as Campaign DG for his opponent, who was effectively forced on the party by the forces that be. He begged us not to fight the governor and state party chairman.

I can reveal that Prince Aderosoye was instrumental in our previous general election triumph. He never stops assisting. Our local government can verify that he spent a lot of his own money to help Ifedore APC as our campaign DG. He’s from another world.

Mr. Richard Adeyemi, an APC chieftain from Ibule town in Ifedore, also praised Prince Aderosoye Fadola, saying, “Prince Dero is a very modest and down to earth man.” He was an unusual politician that influenced all three Ifedore Local Government Area zones. Igbara-Oke, Ilara, and Ijare residents love Prince Aderosoye. He is quite generous.

Since he holds no governmental office, people flock to him. This emphasizes his generosity. Aderosoye is an exceptionally kind politician. He lost an election but kept helping Ifedore people. After losing the primary election, any power-hungry politician would have switched parties, and Aderosoye would have shaken up Ifedore’s politics.

“It is more unexpected that he accepted to serve as APC Campaign Director in Ifedore and this genuinely turned things around for the party. The Ifedore APC’s 2023 presidential and national assembly victory were unprecedented due to God and Prince Aderosoye.

His unconventional leadership has united the party. He is a key funder of APC in Ifedore, and the consequence is visible.

The Assistant Treasurer of APC in Ondo State, Mrs. Damilola Oluyemi (Jargaban), also from Ifedore, also testified regarding Prince Emmanuel Fadola. “Aderosoye is a key APC member in Ifedore and Ondo State,” she stated. He has helped all our Ifedore party members. He helps widows and the destitute in Ifedore even though he is not a politician.

Our party officials zoned him out of a House of Assembly seat. Prince Fadola suddenly accepted the position of Ifedore APC Campaign DG. He spent money and time organizing our Ifedore party members for the 2023 election. Our party won the presidential, senatorial, and House of Representatives elections in Ifedore by landslides”.

Brunel University graduate and Aiteo Energy Resources Depot Operating Supervisor is a Christian. He has a loving wife and responsible children. Travel, literature, and Nigerian politics relax Aderosoye Fadola.

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