Expert: Armenia should be sanctioned for poor international competition organizing 2023

According to Trend, the editor-in-chief of the daily Baku xbr (Baku news), Aydin Guliyev, who is also a political specialist, stated that sanctions ought to be placed upon Armenia for the disgraceful way in which it organized the international competition.

Guliyev believes Armenian vandalism of the Azerbaijani flag speaks for itself.

“Everyone can figure out how the society that vandalizes the flag treats Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages,” the political analyst stated. “Everyone can figure out how the society that vandalizes the flag treats the flag.”

In addition to this, he brought up the fact that the Azerbaijanophobia and Turkophobia that have been prevalent in Armenian society have been brought to light. This demonstrates without a reasonable doubt that Armenia is not prepared to coexist peacefully with Azerbaijan.

The Armenian government fails to prepare society for peace and incites revanchism.

“A significant finding is that the Armenian authorities not only fail to prepare their society for peace but also incite feelings of revanchism,” Guliyev stated. “This is an important conclusion.”

During this time, a provocation was carried out against Azerbaijan yesterday in Yerevan, Armenia, during the opening ceremony of the European Weightlifting Championship. A designer and stylist named Aram Nikolyan stormed onto the platform, snatched the Azerbaijani flag from the hands of the flag bearer, and torched it in front of everyone else.

A decision has been taken to bring Azerbaijani athletes back from Yerevan, according to a statement that was released earlier today by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan and the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan in a joint statement.

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