Five Methods for Producing Lifestyle Content for Your Company

By sharing lifestyle content, you may provide your audience an intimate look at your daily routine and methods of working behind the scenes at your company.

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Genuineness is what your ideal clientele seek, and they want to feel comfortable with you before making a reservation. Long before they book you, they are tracking you on the internet! It goes without saying that you should relate anecdotes from your everyday life to your product or service. However, make advantage of this for your captions’ talking points.

Make branded pictures for your website’s “About Me” page. You normally describe how and why you began your business, your hobbies, and the value you bring to your clients’ lives while constructing this page, am I right? For your audience, use these facts to build visualizations.

How then can you produce content that draws in your ideal customers?

1. Write down what you do every day.

Do you meditate or do a devotional first thing in the morning? After that, a cup of coffee? then look through your emails? or drop the kids off at school? Where are you having lunch? What nourishment do you consume?

Where do you feel most effective when working? beneath your laptop on the bed? at your desk, with your face being lit by the sun?

What goods do you use every day? Products for personal style, beauty, health, and fitness, jewelry, and accessories?

Which literary works motivate you? Which writers are your favorites?

What genre of music do you enjoy hearing? Which podcasts?

Make a “shot list” of the things you want to undertake after you’ve noted them.

2. Compile ideas.

Pinterest is how I like to do things the best. To put together a unified mood board, search for and pin pertinent photos that fit your brand’s concept.

The style and tone of your brand might be influenced by periodicals and even promotional cards from your preferred stores.

Which bloggers, influencers, and successful businesspeople in your niche inspire you?

Which lifestyle journals and periodicals are your favorites?

Which stores do you prefer for food, clothes, and home goods?

Look through the pages and explore their websites to get ideas!

3. Produce pictures in a natural environment.

Take pictures at your house or a comfortable area, like your home office or an AirBnB. Use this background to showcase your company’s inner workings.

It’s not necessary to have the ideal home office to take stunning pictures of your workstation. All you need is your laptop and a few office materials to create some attention-grabbing BTS photos of your ideal customer!

While taking lifestyle photos at home, keep your everyday schedule in mind as well. You may film in the bathroom discussing your self-care regimen, the kitchen discussing your healthy eating practices, or the bedroom discussing how you prefer to check your emails while in bed on the weekends.

4. Employ lifestyle accessories.

We welcome our clients to bring in personal, lifestyle-relevant items from home.

Don’t forget to record your leisure activities! Do you enjoy spending time with your significant other at the movies on a date night or playing card games with your kids on the weekends? Bring story-telling items to your photo shoot.

Additionally, you may keep using those photos to have ongoing conversations on pertinent subjects. You may include movie tickets, popcorn, a laptop photo of Netflix, or anything else you like for the movie night example!

These are a few instances of lifestyle accessories:

tea cup or coffee mug

favorite munchies together with a baking sheet, dish, or plate

Self-care accessories including cosmetics, skincare items, and hair products

letter boards or quotations in frames


laundry basket

calendar, planner, or notebook

5. Dress somewhat formally in attire you would normally wear at home.

Show off your weekend attire by dressing comfortably or in matching pajamas or athleisure. Think in bed with an iPad or laptop and pajamas!

My favorite athleisure brands include Lane Bryant’s LIVI collection, Lou & Grey, and anything from Target.

To get pictures of yourself working, dress casually—for example, in jeans and a shirt, a jumpsuit, or a frock—in business casual. See my Pinterest boards for fashion inspiration.

Remember to Share Your Content on Social Networks

Anecdotally, I’ve discovered that compared to other types of companies, lifestyle brands receive more engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

It should not be shocking to learn this. Individuals turn to social networking sites for ideas on things like what to read, where to go for fun, and what recipes to try.

Essentially, social media was designed to support lifestyle brands, which is fantastic news for you if you represent a lifestyle business. Make sure you take use of social media.

One More Thing: Lean Into Empathy’s Power

Try empathizing if you ever find yourself having a lot of trouble writing an introduction for a lifestyle blog article or a script for a how-to video.

In all forms of content marketing, but particularly in lifestyle content marketing, empathy is crucial. Your audience cares deeply about their own fulfillment, and lifestyle content helps them do that. As you work with them to solve an issue or accomplish a goal, truly put yourself in their position.

Your audience will continually pay attention to what you have to say if they are persuaded that you “get it.”