Fun with the family in the forest: it’s healing for the soul!

The UK has been experiencing limitations and overwork, thus at Mini First Aid, we believe it is critical to take care of our own mental health as well as the mental health of our children. One way we might achieve this is by reestablishing our connection to nature, with the vibrant background of fall in our woods making for enjoyable family time!

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So who better than the kind people at Forestry England to write our guest blog? With more acreage and trees than any other organization in the nation, Forestry England has everything you need to create a beautiful forest experience for the whole family. Here are some of their favorite family activities, with their woods still being available for outdoor leisure and exercise:

Woods for health

We can benefit from spending time in woods. According to a recent poll, 70% of youngsters stated they would like to spend more time outside with their friends after the epidemic, and 80% of children agreed that being in nature made them feel cheerful. However, the same poll (Natural England’s People and Nature poll) revealed that six out of ten kids said they haven’t spent as much time outside since the coronavirus outbreak began.

As the seasons change, it may be tempting to stay indoors, but fall is a great time to take your family to the forest because of the breathtaking variety of colors that our trees are presenting. The woodlands are full with unusual sensory sensations in the fall that draw our interest and imagination. Stress may be reduced and the whole family can unwind and rejuvenate by using their senses to take in the sights, sounds, scents, and textures of the forest environment. Locate the closest forest and gather all the necessary details to organize a fun family outing.

Few activities to attempt when on an autumnal woodland stroll

Urge your family to spend some time getting in touch with nature in the forest. According to research, spending time in nature is not as helpful for mental health as spending time in nature itself. Discovering mushrooms concealed amid fallen leaves, gathering cones from under conifer trees, or locating a peaceful area to try forest bathing are all excellent methods to support your children in forging a closer bond with the natural world while having a lot of fun!

Maintaining the correspondence from your residence

We may reflect on our life and all the beautiful things in them with the aid of trees. We may see the branches of a tree growing and expanding, just like our goals and dreams, consider the sustenance that both people and trees require, and write down what makes us feel as strong as the dependable trunk of a tree. Encourage your family to take a moment to sit down and consider the positive aspects of your lives by using our free, downloadable Tree of Life activity, which you can print off at home or save to your phone. To get more ideas for creating “forests at home,” subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which is filled with games and free downloads to keep the kids occupied and foster a family bond with the outdoors while they’re at home.

A break for working parents

Do you feel like you need to take a break? We find that being still, quiet, and taking in the scenery makes us feel better. With our films and virtual forest bathing galleries, you may travel to the center of the forest without getting off the couch. Remain relaxed, inhale deeply, and relish…