Japan’s Most Popular Jobs

IT Expert

Another business that attracts a lot of foreign workers is the IT sector in Japan, maybe because the nation is recognized for creating some of the most cutting-edge innovations on the planet.

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Our focus at Japan Dev is assisting individuals in locating IT employment in Japan. Here is a list of available positions for software developers.

Similar to its service sector, there are constantly openings for IT specialists in Japan due to the country’s large labor market.

It may also be quite profitable to work in Japan as an IT expert, whether as a software developer or an IT project manager. To find out everything there is to know about IT job pay in Japan, check out our guide on Japan developer salary.

Please be aware that there may be obstacles in your way if you choose to work in the nation’s IT sector, so you should conduct your due diligence and pick a reputable business.

Some Japanese domestic firms may occasionally be reluctant to hire international workers or may have strict requirements about the degree of Japanese proficiency.

Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, working in IT in Japan may be a great career choice, particularly if you can locate the ideal employer.

We recommend reading this post if you’re interested in learning more about how to obtain employment in the IT field. Though it is mostly focused on software engineering, the advice included inside may be applied to other IT-related careers as well.

Interpreter or Translator

Language-talented foreigners can also find employment in Japan as interpreters or translators. Since translation and interpreting services may be used in practically any business, it’s also a very flexible employment choice.

Furthermore, translations from Japanese to English and vice versa are not sufficient. The need for qualified interpreters and translators of various languages is rising as a result of globalization.

Although this job path requires a high degree of fluency in Japanese as well as certain qualifications, it may occasionally be a wise choice for foreigners looking to capitalize on their language abilities. The yearly income average is around ¥5.93M, and it may increase with experience.


In addition to technology, Japan is widely renowned for its highly paid positions in the sophisticated engineering sector. In Japan, the average annual compensation for an engineer is about ¥7.07M, although this might rise as one gains more expertise in the profession.

Foreign engineers work mostly in the automotive sector in Japan, where their duties frequently involve creating and upgrading parts. Given that Japan has one of the greatest automobile industries in the world, this may be a great opportunity.