Labour calls Rishi Sunak’s Sue Gray “vendetta.” 2023

The investigation of Sue Gray’s transfer to a top Labour job is being investigated by Rishi Sunak. The shadow chancellor has accused Sunak of playing a “political gimmick” with the investigation.

Rachel Reeves stated in an interview with Times Radio that the Prime Minister had a “political vendetta” against Ms. Gray, and that he was “supposed to be moving on from the era of Boris Johnson.”

On Tuesday, it came to light that Ms. Gray, the investigator who worked on the Partygate scandal, had decided against cooperating with the investigation being conducted by the government investigating her decision to leave a high-ranking position in Whitehall to join the position of chief of staff for Sir Keir Starmer.

As a consequence, the inquiry has been put on hold, which has infuriated some Conservatives; nonetheless, Mr. Starmer has claimed that he is “confident” that Ms. Gray did not violate any regulations.

Ms. Reeves attributed Labour’s decision to abandon its pledge to eliminate tuition fees on the way the government is managing the economy. She also blamed the government for the decision.

According to the announcement made by the Foreign Secretary, the final evacuation flight from the United Kingdom is scheduled to depart from Sudan on Wednesday.

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