Politics update: His MP successor calls Nigel Lawson a “titan of intellect and the post-war world.”2023

His replacement as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Blaby has remarked that Nigel Lawson was a “titan of intellect and the post-war world.”

In 1992, Andrew Robathan succeeded Lord Lawson as the representative for the Leicestershire seat. Robathan is currently a member of the Conservative peerage and resides in the House of Lords.

The post-war world’s intellectual giant was Nigel Lawson.

During his eulogy for the late former chancellor, which took place this morning after he passed away at the age of 91, he referred to him as a “very amazing guy.”

Lord Robathan said the following when he was interviewed by Times Radio: “He was a really outstanding man, a very hard act to follow in my case.” It is interesting to note that he was not just well respected in the constituency; rather, he was also highly beloved and loved by the people who lived there. He was extremely good with the people who lived there, and he worked very hard both for his constituency and for the country.

“I believe that he is a giant of intellect and of the post-war world, and well, perhaps we shall see his like again, I don’t know, but I hope that we do,”

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