San Antonio policy, politics, and business are covered in new podcast 2023

A brand-new podcast for the area has launched with the intention of bringing together influential people in local government and business for roundtable talks on politics, policy, and business.

The publication “Beyond the Bite” was made available for the first time just a week ago by Eddie Aldrete. The most recent episodes include one that discusses Proposition A and another that focuses on the proprietor of a neighborhood diner.

We discuss chambers of commerce in a vibrant local economy in another segment.

Why it is significant: Aldrete saw a lack of communication regarding the ways in which public policy has an effect on enterprises, despite the fact that business leaders are getting increasingly involved in local politics.

There will be one new episode of “Beyond the Bite” each month, airing once every two weeks, in addition to a special election-themed episode that will air the following month. Both Apple and Spotify provide access to the episodes.

Aldrete has spent the better part of three decades working at the interface of the private sector and the public sector. In addition to being the treasurer of the Texas Association of Business, he is also the owner and operator of his own consulting firm known as Aldrete Strategic Partners.

Aldrete told Axios that the next episode, which will air on May 2, will feature United States Representative Tony Gonzales (R-San Antonio) in a conversation about immigration, gun control, Uvalde, and other topics.

We will follow local corporate entrepreneurs in future episodes. Some episodes may be political, he said.

Noteworthy is the fact that the segment on Proposition A includes a conversation with those who are opposed to the comprehensive criminal justice reform proposal that will be on the ballot on May 6. Co-chairing the San Antonio Safe PAC, which is a group that is collecting donations to fight Proposition A, Aldrete is one of the people in charge of leading that effort.

What they are saying: “My goal is to educate the electeds and their staff about how business works and also educate the business community about how government works,” Aldrete tells Axios. “My goal is also to educate the business community about how government works.” They shouldn’t be put in competition with each other at any point.

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