Suella Braverman calls Channel migrants “criminals.” 2023

As the government moves forward with its plan to tighten down on people crossing the Channel in small boats, Immigration Minister Suella Braverman referred to people who arrive in the UK as “criminals” this morning.

The immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, stated in a speech that “those crossing tend to have completely different lifestyles and values to those in the UK.” Jenrick made this statement yesterday.

Ms. Braverman, the Secretary of the Home Department, was questioned about what Mr. Jenrick meant this morning by Sky News. In response, she stated that “people who are coming here illegally are breaking our laws.” They are felons, and they have no business being in this area under any circumstances.

“This violates our values of generosity, helping others, and upholding the law,”

The comments were made while the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill was being debated in the House of Commons again this afternoon when it is anticipated that it will pass its final obstacles before being sent to the House of Lords for additional examination.

In order to make the proposed legislation more stringent, the ministers have suggested a number of amendments, one of which would give the government the authority to disregard decisions made by European judges that halt removal flights for migrants.

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