The Love Of Animal jewellery

From the antique gold jewelry of old to the contemporary jewelry of today, we humans have been incorporating the beauty of nature into our ornaments and artwork for ages. Craftsmen draw inspiration from animals to craft the most exquisite creations using rare metals and magnificent stones.

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The need to include animals into our jewelry is a reflection of our consciousness of what it is to be human, and over the ages, art and civilizations have been tied by this understanding.

Illustrations of animals provided us with lovely ideas or creation symbols, which supported popular mythology or beliefs.

The link between people and nature is better understood when animals are used in jewelry, with wild creatures acting as mediators.

The majority of individuals have a strong affinity for animals, and many of them will go over and above to wear animal jewelry just for fun.

A few of the most well-liked animal jewelry pieces are:

Birds: For generations, people have loved wearing jewelry featuring images of birds. Birds of various sizes and forms have been used to symbolize freedom and elegance. Several bird species, including chickens, swallows, parrots, and more, were featured in the most exquisite jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and more.

Although we wouldn’t anticipate insect jewelry to be trendy, bugs have been widely featured over the years. Even though the majority of people wouldn’t consider creepy-crawlies to be their favorite animal, many of them—like butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects—have been incorporated into some of the most exquisite, unusual objects.

It should come as no surprise that the most elegant rings, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry have been fashioned after man’s closest friend, the dog. Given that dogs are our lifetime companions, jewelry featuring a variety of dog breeds is featured in pieces designed to endure a very long time.

Mythical Beasts: Every mineral, rock, and fossil contains a clue to the enigma surrounding its previous geological epoch. This enigmatic nature is what inspired ancient societies to create legendary creatures as a representation of what they thought existed before humans. These included the immortal bird deity Garuda and the three-headed dragon Zmei, all of which supported popular mythology or folklore.

Sea animals, which are profound, vital, and enigmatic, may stand in for our fantasies since they are utilized to make some of the most exquisite jewelry.

Many civilizations have used jellyfish, seahorses, and other fish and marine life to symbolize a wide range of abstract ideas, such as abundance, rebirth, harmony, purity, and immortality. Seashells and other ocean-related themes are frequently used in jewelry designs, which is a reflection of the fascination that many jewelry makers have with the natural world.

Many jewelry designers are drawn to starfish and seashells because they evoke memories of carefree beach days and warm, unending summers. Sea turtles or tortoises are whimsical symbols of happiness and longevity in jewelry.

Snakes: Used in jewelry since ancient times, snake designs are among the richest and most culturally diverse emblems. People believe that these deadly snakes are guardians of hell, slithers out of the dark depths of the ground, and live on the edge of life and death.

From the Cleopatra kingdom to the Japanese imperial palaces, snakes have long been associated with sexual desire, fertility, healing, immortality, knowledge, prosperity, and grandeur.

A snake-shaped engagement ring with Queen Victoria’s birthstone was given to her by Prince Albert in 1839. This pattern, a glittering representation of their unending love, became famous and sparked a new trend in England and throughout Europe.

The renowned jeweler Cartier has adopted wild cats as a symbol, with panthers being one of their most notable examples. This is attributed to Jeanne Toussaint, the company’s captivating creative director of jewelry. Exotic jungle cats that were mysterious and elegant caught Paris’s fascination during the Jazz Era, maybe as a symbol of both the perils and potential of feminine power. Nonetheless, due of their noble and strong appearance, lions have historically been connected to the “king of beasts” in jewelry designs.

Frogs are a sign of riches and abundance to Native Americans. The exchange of power and wisdom amongst entities is symbolized by the picture of the frog contacting another creature with its tongue. It’s also said that frog imagery shields your treasures.

Wearing jewellery with frogs is said to expand your soul to happiness and good fortune, making them undoubtedly lucky charms. Considering that frogs are the embodiment of contentment and carefree enjoyment in their ponds, this makes perfect sense!

Household pets: Despite our great esteem for wild creatures, we have a particular place in our hearts for our domestic pets. When people domesticated wild dogs and cats and brought them into their homes in the past, they developed a special and strong relationship with these creatures.

The majority of those who have welcomed an animal into their homes are acquainted with the intense bond, total loyalty, and trust that arise from this relationship, along with the excruciating grief felt upon the last passing of a cherished pet.


Since the dawn of time, humans and animals have coexisted, with certain creatures holding a particular place in our hearts. The aforementioned illustrations of some of the most well-known animals used to create jewelry demonstrate the extent to which certain people are willing to go in order to express their affection, respect, and gratitude for their animal companions.