What is Dialed In Gummies


Dialed In Gummies are enjoyable and calming without being too hashy, as other delicacies made without solvents tend to be. In this Bloom County product partnership, the combination of London Pound Mints and Brain Crasher gives relaxing effects that don’t knock you out totally, but it’s still a nice treat to unwind with during the evening or night. Overall, we thought they were quite similar from gummy to gummy, and we really like how thorough Dialed In is with the test findings. Try to grab some gummies when you get the chance if you’re looking for something to help you relax both physically and emotionally.

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Packaging, Aroma, and Look

Dialed In Gummies, which will henceforth be referred to as Dialed In for brevity’s sake, have distinctive, constantly-evolving package label color and pattern schemes contingent upon the cooperation. The Tyson Fury candies that we managed to obtain are a light, white-hued yellow and a deep burgundy purple that alternates. They are presented in a spick-and-span, metal-outerside, plastic-lined, nonstick container that twists off. It doesn’t really matter because the container easily fits in the pockets of most regular-sized slacks, but it does mean that you won’t need a bag if you’re carrying them anywhere.

The Tyson Fury flavor combination of “Bottle Rocket Berry” (whatever the heck that means) and papaya is delightfully sweet, slightly artificial, and has characteristics that are mostly undetectable in a blind sniff test, even if you’re as sensitive about candy product aromas as I am. Having said that, you’ll definitely be eager to try them unless you’re a purist when it comes to fruit-based candies. The candies itself had a few noticeable flaws and tiny outside holes, perhaps from the pouring procedure, but I never thought that was a big concern.

Quantity Ingested

I applaud the readers and viewers who can down milligrams like they’re nothing, since I have never been able to take more than 10 mg without feeling absolutely zooted. Since edibles vary widely from piece to piece, I took between 5 and 7.5 mg several times for this evaluation. This is the only way to get a fair idea of the general accuracy of the batching.


Both types taste really well, despite the gummies themselves having a somewhat vague fruit scent. The bottle rocket berry gummies were distinctly hashier and more like a blend of blueberry and raspberry, while the papaya gummies are roughly representative of tropical fruit, but to my palate, they tasted more like pineapple than papaya. In case you were curious, the bottle rocket berry regrettably doesn’t seem to be a true variation of any actual, single fruit. Science, let’s do it. This batch of Tyson Fury is remarkably mild in terms of cannabis flavor, which is sometimes a drawback of rosin-based sweets. It is helpful that the package indicates that they contain 3.61% terpenes, as it can be challenging to synthesize with solventless active components. Caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool are among the top tested terpenes according to Dialed In. Wherever edibles are available, I believe a broad spectrum product is the way to go, and we really appreciate that Dialed In thoroughly tests every batch.

Mouthfeel and Texture

Even though gelatin and pectin are listed as components, Dialed In’s gummies often have a chewy feel with a noticeable preference for gelatin. These are not an anomaly. They don’t stick within your mouth and may be readily sheared by your teeth. If you enjoy this kind of gummy product, they’re tasty, but if you prefer softer, vegan-style formulas, you might not be all that into it. While I like both, I believe Dialed In excels more in the flavor and effects departments rather than the texture department most of the time.


Very little information is available online on Tyson Fury’s lineage, which in this instance consists of an internal mix (rather than a genetic cross) of Brain Crasher and Lemon Pound Mints that Dialed In blended together. A Dosilato x Candy Kush strain is also available. The source of the material is Bloom County, which is renowned for its high-quality growing methods and where both of the original strains were grown. This batch is described by Dialed In as having “nite” and “mind” properties. Although these are vague adjectives, they accurately describe the overall benefits that these gummies gave me every time I ate them, day or night. Like practically every other rosin edible I’ve tried over the years, Dialed In’s products took off faster than distillate or CO2-based mixtures.

In conclusion, they are pretty calming, so be aware that if you have important work to perform, it would be wiser to reward yourself afterward, much like Towlie from South Park would advise himself to do. One of the main reasons I decided to choose a brand for future use is that I thought the Tyson Fury gummy concoction I was given was quite consistent generally (I’d rate it an 8.5 out of 10 for each one I ate when the doses were comparable). They also give off a pleasant body high, which is more prevalent in edibles than in hash, but it is particularly noticeable in solventless varieties. Try Dialed In’s Tyson Fury batch if you enjoy rosin edibles without overwhelming your taste buds with hash flavor and want to relax with something sweet.