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and it was resolved to write down to the secretary of the Melbourne Philharmonic Society, for the mortgage of the music as carried out on the opening of the London Exhibition, with a view to place the same in rehearsal . The first of a series of Saturday Night Concerts for the People was given on Saturday night last, within the new Temperance Hall. William Burrow, Esq., Mayor of Geelong, presided.

Each evening they gained upon their viewers, they usually have most umnistakeably succeeded in establishing their fame as first-class artists. Chief amongst her many characters is that of “Miggs,” a waif of the streets, and “Gratty,” within the domestic scene, which displayed to advantage the mixtures of expertise possessed by this fast rising and promising young actress. As “Griff,” she is equally clever, and as “Josephine,” within the Daughter of the Regiment, she is particulariv pleasing.

Will either receive Pupils at his Residence, or attend such as might need it at theirs. – Lewis Chambaud’s French and English Dictionary, in 4 vols, on the market. This priceless work is simply too well-known to require any remark. GIRARD, of Paris, presenting Compliments to the Families of Sydney, most respectfully informs them that he gives Instruction in his native language, and likewise in quadrilles, waltzes, &c.

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Wee-Pin performed the cymbals or cha, well known to dwellers in Ballarat East. Lee Tak also performed the gong or laur, “very efficient”, as Mr. Lang says, “in producing loud music”. Lee Yeng and Lee Chok performed the tee-uh or tuk-tie, which produced sounds just like the Scotch bagpipes, or Scotch organ, as Ah Coon calls the instrument. As we now have earlier than said, Mr. Ah Coon did not sing, but Lee Tak and Kong Wai did. The first sang in his pure voice, and the second in falsetto; but, owing to the ponderousness of the accompaniment, neither might be heard.

Let each, subsequently, be admired and cultivated in their respective spheres, and by similar to could want to domesticate each. Let not, however, any characterize sacred music as sombre or miserable, or as only fitted to weigh down the eyelids, and steep the senses in the deep forgetfulness of sleep. It is not so when sacred music could be appreciated in a scientific method, or where it can solely be relished as a combination of soppy, low, loud notes, or of harmonious melodious sounds. Sacred music may subdue, overawe, arrest the soul, the mind, the heart; however it won’t both necessarily or strongly urge to deep solemnity or to sleep. Sacred music doesn’t essentially, or even strongly, sadden or oppress the soul; neither is a grave or sober environment necessarily an disagreeable or a heavy one. The parties, subsequently, to whom I now refer take a incorrect view or make a incorrect estimate of the nature and influence of sacred music.

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the entire terminating with the National Anthem. Where every thing was wonderful it’s considerably tough to discriminate, but the gem of the entertainment to our pondering was the selection from “Il Trovatore,” and so thought the 5 thousand people who listened in rapt attention to this choice from the ever popular opera. Cheer after cheer arose as the last sounds of the music sank into silence, and all felt indebted for the agreeable treat afforded by Mr. Gassner and the excellent band underneath his direction. The programme was obtained via shortly after 10 o’clock, and the good mass of people began to wend their means homewards.

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SONG, “Tarry awhile with me, &c.” by a Lady. AIR, with Variations, by Mr. GEE. SONG, ” What’s a girl like?” by Mr. LEVY. QUINTETTE, Clarionet, Flute, Horn, Bassoons.

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Captain Champain, of the Clerk of Works Office, Melbourne, has been appointed Superintendent of the Light home, at Shortland’s Bluff and is succeeded in the Immigration depôt by Mr. Edwin Gill, a passenger by the ‘Clifton,’ previously principal clerk and supervisor on the London and Gloucester Railway. – On the 11th February, at Melbourne, J. A. Gilfillan, Esq., aged 70 years, favorably recognized some years since in Adelaide as a delineator of New Zealand scenery.

the whole reflecting the best credit score upon Mr. Chapman, the builder, to whose care the erection was entrusted. We understand that Mr. Heffernan has in contemplation the erection of a splendid live performance room, superior to any on the Bendigo . Beyond question, the Shamrock Hotel has top-of-the-line UNSW Bella MELODIA musical firms in the district, and the big support it receives is nicely deserved. The engagement of Miss Urie still continues, and her excellent singing meets with the identical popularity as ever.

He took his cattle to the river by steamer. Later, Mrs. Girard bought Lismore station, now the site of the town of Lismore. The Girards also chosen Dungarubba, a big cattle station on the Lower Richmond River, but at Dungarubba their herd was drowned in the big flood of 1866. GIRARD most respectfully submits his acknowledgment for the patronage already received,

On Saturday, nevertheless, his sickness assumed critical facet, and he handed away quietly at his late residence, Wellington-street, at about half-past eight o’clock on Saturday evening. The death is announced, at the age of 85 years, of Mrs. A. F. Gale, who for a couple of years was within the make use of of Messrs. James Marshall & Co. as head of the dressmaking department. Upon resigning that position she proceeded to Wellington, New Zealand, to stay with her son (Mr. Thomas Gale), who figured prominently in public life in that city. Upon his dying Mrs. Gale returned to Adelaide, where she resided till the time of her decease. – On the 4th May, at his residence, No. 184, Gover-street west, N.A, Theodore Philip (Phill), the beloved husband of Annie Maria Gale,