A Flotilla from Iran Visits a South African Port 2023

The Iranian Navy’s 86th flotilla of warships, which has broken the record for the distance an Iranian flotilla has sailed in international waters, has made a port call in Cape Town, South Africa, on its way back home after a lengthy mission. This flotilla also broke the record for the number of days that an Iranian flotilla has spent sailing in international waters.

The Iranian flotilla, which included the Dena destroyer and the Makran forward base ship, docked in Cape Town on Friday and was greeted by Iran’s ambassador to South Africa as well as a number of political and military dignitaries from Africa.

The Iranian flotilla’s 51,000-kilometer mission set a record.

After traveling all the way to Saint Petersburg in Russia, the 75th flotilla, which included the Sahand and Makran battleships, achieved a new record of sailing for 45,000 kilometers in the previous year.

In the beginning of fall, the 86th flotilla set off from the region south of Iran with the intention of sailing around the entire world. Rio de Janeiro, in the southern region of Brazil, recently played host to the arrival of the two ships that comprised the flotilla.

Warship of the Mowj class, the Dena was commissioned into the Iranian Navy in June of 2021. Cannons, torpedoes, and anti-ship cruise missiles are just some of the weapons that are carried by the military vessel.

The other ship in the flotilla is called the Makran, and it is a forward base ship with a tonnage of 121,000.

The former oil tanker that has been converted into a warship has the capacity to carry five helicopters and is used to provide logistical support for the combat destroyers.

The Iranian Navy has established three ocean commands, one each for the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean, to oversee naval operations in their respective oceans.

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