Iran’s Senior General: US, Israel Collapse 2023

The top Iranian general made the comment on Monday, stating, “Last (Iranian calendar) year (ended on March 20) was a turbulent period during which the (Iranian) Armed Forces took significant efforts to enhance their defensive capability and preparedness.

“Everything one observes on a global and regional scale… indicates that global and regional trends are eroding global hubris and driving the Zionist system into collapse… In contrast, the power of our country and the resistance axis is growing, he remarked, as reported by Press TV.

Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said regional and global factors are bringing down the US and Zionist system.

Baqeri highlighted that several American academics and politicians have accepted this truth, and that “even the president of this phony government has repeatedly declared that Israel is on the verge of collapse… This is precisely the pledge of our Leader (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) that they will not live to see the next 25 years.”

In February, Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned of impending confrontation and even the possibility of massacre, claiming that Tel Aviv was on the point of “societal and constitutional collapse.”

The occupied territories have been the site of large protests for thirteen straight weeks in response to a package of contentious and wildly unpopular “legal amendments” planned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to his comments.

When the prime minister declared his intention to enact the measures, demonstrations have occurred weekly.

Netanyahu asserts that the purported reforms are intended to rebalance power between the regime’s executive and judicial branches by barring the Supreme Court from overturning the administration’s choices. In addition, they want to give legislators a larger voice in the committee that picks the judges.

Opponents of Netanyahu view his cabinet’s efforts to adopt legislation on the so-called changes as a danger to the independence of the Supreme Court, dubbing it a “legal coup.” Moreover, they accuse Netanyahu of attempting to utilize the changes to prevent any judgements against him, as he is currently on trial in three corruption cases.

After weeks of often violent demonstrations, the hardline Israeli prime minister ultimately agreed to suspend his unpopular proposal for judicial changes.

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