Taiwan politician: Mainland maintains right to resist Tsai’s “transit” 2023

A Taiwanese legislator stated that the mainland is permitted to conduct countermeasures in response to Tsai Ing-“transit” wen’s in the United States. It also reserves the right to take additional measures if Tsai behaves improperly.

WANG WULANG, Cross-Strait Peace and Development Forum Executive Secretary “It is in the nation’s fundamental interest to protect its geographical integrity. Taiwan belongs to China. Both sides of the Strait are Chinese territory. They are founded on history and international law.

The One-China Principle is necessary for China’s complete reunification. The mainland will take measures against Tsai’s “transit” to the United States and her separatist rhetoric. This is a justifiable act of sovereignty defense. Nevertheless, it is evident that the mainland has always sought to support peaceful reunification.”

“How do you perceive the functions of the United States in the bilateral relations across the Taiwan Strait?”

WANG WULANG, Cross-Strait Peace and Development Forum Executive Secretary “The United States used Tsai’s “transition” to undermine the One-China concept. It does so to strengthen its control over Taiwan’s government and to foster separatist groups against the mainland and against reunification. It also stimulates the continent and tries its resolve and will to protect territorial integrity.

By generating a crisis in the Strait, US imperialism seeks to enrich its military-industrial complex and its politicians. Their use of Taiwan as a weapon against the mainland is illegitimate. Tsai’s visit will only increase the likelihood of confrontation in the region.

The United States has compelled Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation to create facilities in the United States and sells weaponry to Taiwan, including the Volcano Mine Dispenser, prompting the Taiwanese government to mobilize to modify relevant legislation.

All such attempts are included in U.S. military strategy. We should reduce tensions, encourage communication, and keep Taiwan out of conflict. We must reject Taiwan’s independence, separatist forces, and U.S. intervention. Only with the complete reunification of China will there be enduring peace in the Taiwan Strait.”


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