Chavan claims political conspiracy disqualified Rahul 2023

Former Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan asserted that Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a member of the Lok Sabha was the result of a political conspiracy and that the Congress will fight both politically and legally to have his disqualification from Parliament and conviction in the defamation case overturned.

He said Congress will unite around Rahul Gandhi

Chavan said that the Congress will unite around Rahul Gandhi, and his disqualification will become the central issue in all upcoming elections, from the Karnataka Assembly to the Lok Sabha.

Chavan questioned during a news conference in the city why a case was filed in Surat, Gujarat, although the comments were made in Karnataka in 2019. After the comments, BJP Legislator Purnesh Modi filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi, claiming that his remark defamed the whole “Modi community.”

“The lawsuit was brought by a BJP Legislator in Surat, and the judgement is in his favor despite the fact that he is not the victim and resides in a different state.” This is not just Rahul Gandhi’s dilemma; the nation is becoming aware of the situation.

Imagine what may occur if it is not handled in a timely manner and democratic corrective actions are not enacted. We will certainly bring up this subject in every election,” Chavan declared.

Chavan said Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification was part of a bigger plan to lower his prestige.

Chavan stated that Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification was evidence of a larger plot to diminish the Congress leader’s prestige, citing the timeline of events from April 13, 2019, till his conviction and disqualification as MP.

“This is an obvious instance of political conspiracy. In 2022, the complainant requested a stay, and the High Court granted it. But, after Rahul Gandhi’s address in the Lok Sabha, the complainant withdrew his plea for a stay and proceedings resumed within days. Rahul was disqualified in order to silence his voice. As Rahul questioned the government about Adani’s finances, it is a conspiracy, he stated.

Chavan remarked, in response to the BRS’s plan to fight the local body elections in Maharashtra, that BRS president and Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his party are free to compete wherever.

“It is unclear if KCR would align with the BJP or the Congress. In spite of this, he is welcome in Maharashtra. He has already made two trips to my district. There are no objections. Everyone is allowed to interact with anybody. “At the national level, his function may be distinct, but his significance in municipal elections is unclear,” Chavan noted.

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