Florida House passes transgender measures Wednesday 2023

The Florida House is poised to pass three controversial transgender laws on Wednesday, targeting drag shows, hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and restroom use.

After rejecting Democratic amendments, the Republican-controlled House brought up the bills Tuesday and set them for voting.

Approval The Senate adopted SB 1438 on Wednesday, sending it to Gov. Ron DeSantis. The DeSantis administration recently filed a complaint against the Hyatt Regency Miami hotel for organizing a “Drag Queen Christmas” event in December. That bill aims to restrict children from witnessing drag acts.

Hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and drag show bans are among them.

House sponsor Randy Fine, R-Brevard County, told The News Service of Florida that consenting adults should do anything they wish. If it’s free, I don’t care. Keep kids away.”

Democrats denounced the drag-show bill and other measures. “This is homophobia, transphobia day at the Capitol,” Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando, told the News Service. Three bills will politically target LGBTQ+ persons. Sad, as we have genuine concerns to focus on.”

SB 254, which would ban puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender minors, is poised to pass the House. The Senate cleared the bill, but the House changed it Tuesday, forcing a Senate vote.

HB 1521 would bar transgender people from using gender-neutral bathrooms. The Senate has not debated it. Protesters against the proposals stopped House debate Tuesday and marched outside the chamber.

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