Congress Legislator Arif Masood’s religious function stirs politics 2023

Congress have begun consolidating their mass base in preparation for the upcoming state assembly elections; former Mayor of Bhopal and BJP State Vice President Alok Sharma has objected to Congress MLA Arif Masood’s participation in the Hanuman Janmotsav programme.

Alok Sharma said, “Why do you contact members of their society when someone refuses to let you into your society’s program? The state vice president said, Ab se koi Asuud nahin, Masood nahin. That is our Hindu culture.”

Taking a jab at Alok Sharma’s remark, the Congress has responded, with KK Mishra of the Congress Media Department stating, “If a Congressman had said this, he would have been charged with NSA.” On Hanuman Jayanti, a Hanuman Janmotsav procession was led from the Kali Ghat temple in Bhopal.

No asood and no masood

Alok Sharma, state vice president of the BJP, remarked to Congress MLA Arif Masood, “We all believe in Sanatan Dharma; do you permit members of other religions to enter the temple?” No asood and no masood, do people of other religions allow you on their premises? Ours is a Kuchbandiya Samaj in Itwara. It is a fundamental component of Hindu society. Do not observe them. The Hindu community supports the Kuchbandiya community. We will observe our holidays in the same manner.

How could the Chief Minister accuse Congress of violence, said Mishra, when he should look at Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya’s remark from two days ago and Alok Sharma’s video on Hanuman Jayanti, in which he gives a message of love? If a member of Congress said the same thing, the collector would have imposed NSA surveillance.

In fact, Alok Sharma became enraged when the Hanuman Janmotsav ki procession was denied permission to depart Qazi Camp. He advised him not to permit Congress MLA Arif Masood to attend his (Hindus) Hanuman Janmotsav events.

Abbas Hafiz, vice president of the Congress Media Department, stated in response to Alok Sharma’s statement that Alok Sharma promotes BJP ideology. Why do individuals seek to divide? Bhopal has never heard of such things before. Today, I invite Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Alok Sharma to pray at any mosque of their choosing. I’ll accept them. When he desires to go and read Namaz, I will accompany him. Let them depart to worship.

Since the last 10 to 15 years, the Hanuman Janmotsav procession has left from Kaji Camp, according to Mukul Rathore, president of the Shri Baba Religious Cultural Services Committee. However, the police did not permit the procession, citing a discrepancy in the intelligence report.

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