Morning Report: Persistent Absenteeism, a Familiar, Unequal Problem 2023

Nationally, chronic absenteeism has grown since the Covid epidemic. Like in the rest of the state, the rate of chronically absent kids in San Diego Unified has nearly tripled since pre-pandemic levels. Yet, this negative news is not evenly borne out.

More than two-thirds of the 15 San Diego Unified schools with the greatest rates of chronic absenteeism are situated south of state Route 94 and in some of the city’s most socioeconomically challenged districts.

Seven of these schools are located in the ZIP code with the lowest countywide median income. Between 89 and 63% of kids at these schools are chronically absent.

These figures reflect a catastrophe, according to experts, and there are solutions to problems such as transportation challenges that existed prior to the pandemic. The judgment is yet out on whether schools are equipped to handle the more complex challenges of mental and social-emotional health caused by Covid, which are likely worsening chronic absence gaps.

La Jolla Secession, More Serious This Time, Political Report

It has been simple to disregard the most recent push to include La Jolla since it is an old chestnut in local public affairs. Currently, though, it appears to be worth a look.

The Politics Report received confirmation that things are gaining traction, and as one individual put it, “… it appears to have legs as well.”

A business expert and local representatives are currently examining the earnings and expenses connected with such a move. It won’t be an easy breakup if it occurs; there are two key factors that will matter. They are detailed in the Politics Report.

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On the most recent episode of the VOSD Podcast, our hosts provide their unique perspectives on downtown San Diego. A recent national article highlighted the city’s civic center’s capacity to recover to pre-pandemic levels of activity. This was determined based on levels of sales tax income and cell phone usage. The hosts clarify that the present state of the region is far more difficult.

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