Rahul’s politics are based on lies and smears: Nadda 2023

JP Nadda, head of the BJP, asserted on Friday that Rahul Gandhi has a propensity for making false accusations that have no basis in reality and that the Congress leader has “great hubris but little comprehension.”

In a series of tweets in the midst of a political battle between the BJP and the Congress following Rahul’s conviction in a defamation case, Nadda claimed that “lies, personal slander, and bad politics are vital” to his political philosophy.

Rahul’s politics are rooted in deceit and smears

The people would “punish” him more severely in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections than they did in 2019 when he lost in Amethi and the Congress was defeated nationwide, a BJP official said.

He stated, “By equating OBC groups to robbers, Rahul has demonstrated a pitiful and casteist attitude. Yet, his most recent diatribe is not unexpected. He has consistently lowered the level of political conversation for many years.”

Nadda stated that he frequently disregarded judicial and community requests to apologize for his remarks. The whole Other Backward Classes will exact democratic vengeance for this insult, according to the head of the BJP.

“He regularly offended the feelings of OBCs. The court in Surat has convicted him for his offensive remarks towards the community. “But, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress maintained their stance owing to their arrogance,” Nadda stated. As the “freshly minted” Congress president, Rahul’s central issue for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will be the “concocted Rafale scandal,” he stated.

“His bad politics and fabricated Rafale scandal suffered a legal blow. “Our country’s top court, the Supreme Court, issued a very clear ruling on the Rafale matter and did not trust Rahul’s corruption allegations,” he continued.

Taking aim at the Congress leader, he stated that Rahul was also reprimanded by the Supreme Court for his misleading assertions on the Rafale matter and was required to provide an unqualified apology for his false accusations. The BJP president stated, citing media reports, that Rahul too raised the “chowkidar chor hai” slogan against opposition from senior officials inside his party. The head of the BJP stated that he continued to rail against Prime Minister Narendra Modi even if it meant he lost his own seat (Amethi) and his party was wiped out nationwide.

“Today, Rahul refers to the whole OBC population as thieves. He receives criticism in the courts, but he refuses to apologize, demonstrating the depth of his hatred towards OBCs. In 2019, the people of India did not forgive him. In 2024, the penalties will be harsher, he added.

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