Trade between Iran and Iraq is encouraged 2023

Saturday morning, Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid arrived in Iran for an official visit.

After meeting in Tehran, the Iranian and Iraqi presidents conducted a joint press conference.

Raisi stated at a press conference that Tehran and Baghdad enjoy a “special and operational relationship” while praising the “very good negotiations” with the Iraqi president and highlighting the two countries’ resolve to enhance their political, economic, and cultural cooperation.

Current value of trade between Iran and Iraq exceeds $10 billion and emphasized that it must increase.

Warning about the detrimental presence of foreign forces, particularly American forces, in the region, Raisi stated, “We consider the common interests in our relationship with Iraq and the regional countries, but the Americans only care about their own interests, not those of the people of Iran, Iraq, and the region.”

The Iraqi president, for his part, emphasized the deep-rooted and historical ties between the Iraqi and Iranian nations, stating that such close ties are not limited to state-run organizations.

Rashid stated that details have been discussed on how to improve the infrastructures of the two neighbors, and he emphasized the need for efforts to advance relations in various disciplines and eliminate obstacles to mutual cooperation.

The Iraqi president praised the recent accord to restore relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, stating that the rapprochement would contribute to regional security and stability.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance of Iran, Ehsan Khandouzi, stated in March that the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Iraq from March 2022 to February 2023 increased by 20% compared to the previous year’s corresponding period.

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